Thursday, February 25, 2010
hello! (:

i think my blog needs to be change! HAHAHA!
Saturday, February 20, 2010
okayy! i wanna post! hmmm...
before people start thinking anything.....
syariza has been helping me to post here. for me, helping me post is not something special as it is an act of helping.

so ya.. syariza is my FRIEND.
so you people dont better start running your mouth. thank you. i have my wife and she has her boyfriend. okay. so ya.. we are friends. fullstop.
weeza hereeee ~ hehehehe !
randomly logged in to his blog and wanna post .
cos i kinda bored ryyte now . & jyeahhh !
aft ive post fr hym . he still dun1 to post hymself .
see , how lazybumb he is . hahaha ! ;P
currently chatting with hym . (;
he don1 to eat , lazy to buy food . tsk .
ltr sick padan muke !! haha !

ryyte , wan gyler !
heheh !

Sunday, February 14, 2010

heyyyyloooow ~
starweeza cinonis here . posting for SYAZWAN ! ;D
he lazybumb . dun1 to update . his blog soooo dusty ! aiyer -.-'
kyky , just now he go play soccer . tot of comin over to watch hym ,
but i cant . hehe . sorry wan . so jyeah , aft tt , he go mustafa !
he eat MANYMANY ~ just wait and see he will become BONCET !
hahah ! ;P , he slim down oready ayye ?
good for hym (;

orryte lahh ~
i duno wad else to talk abt .
so , till here readers . wait till this
lazybumb to update ayye ?

muched love , swc ;D
Saturday, January 23, 2010
hey ho! HAHA
its been some time since i update! HAHA
so now updating, ive been sick and i tell you i have get any better. the sickness didnt really go away. ):

but whatever it is, im back to getting my fitness as usual. im disciplining myself to run 5 km alternate days. its been a hell of time for me. ): okay but its been a good time for me! (:
captain? yes thats my aim for now! (:

I AM ;